Tarps are used every day to protect things like goods in trucks, used as dam covers and even used in the construction of event tents. Tarps are great to use as advertising spaces and offer a certain amount of durability and movement that other materials do not offer. They’re extremely versatile and waterproof and remain strong. With all these benefits, it is imperative to ensure that you invest in a well-made and well-constructed tarp that can last for a long time. Finding a reputable tarp supplier with a history of good customer feedback can be one way to ensure that your tarps survive for a long time. At Cargo Tarp and Net, we are tarpaulin manufacturers and we ensure a high standard of quality for our tarps.

To offer some insight, we’re going to share the tarpaulin manufacturing process with you in this post as well as other information about tarps and nets that you should know.

There are many different types of tarpaulin which include:

  1. HDPE/PE/PP woven tarpaulin which is made from a polymer resin by extruding yarns which are used to turn into a fabric which is then laminate. this makes it water resistant.
  2. Fire retardant tarpaulins: It is the same as the above polymer-based tarpaulin except for the raw material polybrominated diphenyl ethers are added which helps the tarpaulin avoid combustion. This means that the tarpaulin will melt instead of catching fire when exposed to fire, unlike other tarps which will catch fire. This is a real risk that many overlook.
  3. Lastly, cotton or fabric tarpaulins that use canvas or polyester instead of polymer which is coated with urethane that makes it water resistant.

The process of creating a tarp begins with an obvious first step: sourcing the raw materials and preparing them for the manufacturing process.

Tarps usually start off by being blown through an extruder and travels all the way down the assembly line, it is stretched, dyed, and stabilized before it reaches the loom machines that stitch the material into a woven fabric. The woven fabric is laminated and stitched and fixed with eyelets before finally going through quality control tests before being sold. Since each tarp is custom made, you can choose what your tarp should look like. It’s size, characteristics and even whether or not you will be digitally printed on it is up to you. Tarpaulin material as we mentioned before is very versatile but there are also other reasons why it makes such a great material and why it’s one of the best investments you can make.

Tarpaulin can be used as make-shift shelters such as tents, etc. They’re commonly used to cover transport systems like trucks, ships, trains, etc.

It can be used to protect brickwork and masonry from weather damage. It can also protect sports fields. Tarpaulin is used as a promotional tool as well for companies and corporations.

Tarpaulins are also used in farming. The common kind of tarpaulins used in farming is canvas with provides the provisional store of grains. It helps to also protect the grains from weather conditions such as hailstorms and rain.

It’s good to use during campaign and hiking as well as a quick and efficient solution to shelter. They can keep you warm and cosy and protect against most weather elements.

Tarpaulins are water resistant as well which help keep delicate items like food products dry. They’re a low expense with a great pay-out and are a simple secure solution.

Tarps are also used in marquees and tents which means you can host an event without having to worry about a physical venue. Marquees and tents offer an aspect of freedom and movement that other investments do not. If you’re a business that holds events for your staff or customers or if you’re a religious group that requires a venue for your followers, a marquee or tent is one of the best solutions.

It doesn’t restrict you in terms of location and it always you to have a more modular and adaptable layout then if you were to just hire a room. Since you’ve already purchased or hired the marquee you can also use it to extend an existing venue without having it worry about paying exorbitant amounts of rent or searching for a location that matches your needs.

We hope you’re now convinced as to why we believe tarps are one of the most versatile, durable and customisable materials out there, with so many options and applications, you have no reason not to make this sound investment.

If you’re looking for a tarpaulin manufacturer in Durban then be sure to contact us today, we can advise you on the best type of tarpaulin suited for your unique needs and functions. Our tarpaulins can also be digitally printed on for your convenience, transforming your otherwise boring tarp into a mobile billboard which can help your businesses exposure from an already existing investment. Besides offering world class tarps. We also offer 24 hours/seven days a week service and on-site repairs to ensure that you’re never left stranded with a comprised tarp.

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