Are you looking for an effective and unique way to stand out from the crowd? Are you looking to be different and make a bold statement on the road? At Cargo Tarp and Net can bring your design ideas for your vehicle to life.

A custom designed vehicle wrap is an affordable way to give your vehicle a new, unique look. Vehicle branding is an excellent advertising solution as your ideas can be brought to life using digital printed films, therefore, you are only limited by your imagination.

People are often unsure of the effectiveness of Vehicle branding. However, think about the number of times you use your vehicle in a month. The secret to effective advertising is to make a lasting first impression. Branded vehicles are a memorable way to spread your businesses message – generating thousands of views per day while on the road and more importantly giving your brand presence when driving to an important customer meeting or arriving for an appointment.

Reaching thousands of people every day, vehicle and fleet branding is both a high-impact and cost-effective way of promoting a brand, product or service. In addition to enhancing your corporate identity through branding standardization and consistency, branding your vehicle you will give you the opportunity of large-scale branding and product awareness totally rent-free.

At Cargo Tarp and Net, we specialize in vehicle and tarpaulin printing in the form of digital signage printing. Each product is printed to the exacting specifications and standards each client demands. In addition, our digital signage services in Durban are high in demand and we are able to print almost anything each client requires in the shortest turn-around time possible, ensuring maximum client satisfaction.

There are various benefits of Tarpaulin material that is used in our digital signage printing. At Cargo Tarp & Net we place great importance on using only the highest quality tarpaulin fabric in all our manufacturing processes. If a low-quality tarpaulin material is used, it is highly likely your tarpaulin will not stand up to the elements, which can result in poor results. Tarpaulins go through it all in their life span, including high exposure to all kinds of elements such as harsh sunlight, belting rain, strong winds, hail, and even snow. If your tarpaulin is manufactured to the highest standards, such as ours at Cargo Tarp & Net, it will be well worth the investment, especially for the use of our digital signage printing services.

The benefits of high-quality tarpaulin material include:

  • Highly water-resistant,
    • They have tremendous strength and therefore they do not rip or tear easily,
    • Tarpaulin has thermal properties and can keep in warmth and cold as and when needed
    • Tarpaulins are UV resistant, keeping harmful sunlight away from the goods covered beneath

Once you’ve decided to brand your vehicle, it is important to understand the process involved in digital signage printing.

Step 1 – Design

The first step in the vehicle branding Process is to work out a design that you want to for your branding. Whether you have outsourced a design company or you have done the design yourself, you need to be 100% happy with your chosen design. Choosing a design is always the longest step within the process because we need to make sure that the design is up to standard to ensure the most effective results. It is recommended that your designer knows that they are doing in terms of vehicle branding because that is what is going to get applied to the vehicle. If the design is not done perfectly, it might not be as effective. Designers with knowledge and quality work is done on vehicle branding are always recommended, therefore, we would always suggest spending a little more money on the design process.

Step 2 – Printing

The second step is the printing phase. After all the design has been approved from our clients we get started with the print process, this step is very important because it is going to determine the final results of your vehicle branding. Our print process is done by professionals who are highly skilled in digital signage printing, resulting in excellent results.

Step 3 – Application

The third step is the application process. The application process is when we get the design onto the vehicle. Getting the design on to the vehicle is a very long and precious process as we only get one chance, that is why amazing applicators are needed. At Cargo Carp and Net, we have a lot of trust in our team to make sure our clients get the best end results as possible. If you skip short on this phase you are likely going to get lifting on your vehicle, which will lead to an unsatisfactory result.

If you’re in search of professional, time-efficient and trustworthy digital signage services in Durban, then look no further than Cargo Tarp & Net Manufacturers. Get your business name out on the road, and get in touch with our team at Cargo Tarp and Net for a quote today!

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