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Are you looking for professional and efficient digital signage in Durban?

Cargo Tarp & Net offers a truly unique product where we are able to print signage onto taut-liner curtains, trailer curtains, tents, banners and more.

Your business is offered a unique product with a moving billboard of your brand and services on our taut-liner and trailer curtains.

As a proudly South African company, Cargo Tarp & Net is able to customize designs and tailor-make materials to suit your business’s needs.

We are proud to offer a one-stop shop service when it comes to digital signage in Durban.

If you’re looking for the ideal way to market and promote your business, our digitally printed tautliner and trailer curtains are your answer!

For mobile advertising at its finest, turn to Cargo Tarp & Net Manufacturers!

Who is Cargo Tarp & Net Manufacturers?

Our company is committed to service excellence in the field of tarpaulin, tautliner curtaining and cargo net manufacturing and printing.

Based in KwaZulu-Natal, our proven track record speaks for itself.

We offer some of the best digital signage in Durban, and pride ourselves on our round-the-clock service and highly affordable prices.

We offer onsite servicing of tarpaulin, tautliner curtain and cargo net repairs, and believe it is our 24-hour service offering which truly differentiates us from our competitors.

It is this service which ultimately minimizes downtime for each and every client, allowing them to get their fleet back on the road in no time.

All our reliable and professional staff are able to conduct repairs, wash and maintain our cargo tarp products to the highest of standards.

While our digital signage in Durban is of the highest calibre.

Cargo Tarp & Net customer service

At our company, service excellence is taken extremely seriously.

We believe in cultivating meaningful, long-standing relationships with all-out clientele, nationwide.

It is our core belief that in order our company to remain successful, our clients also need to be successful.

We therefore drive home the fundamentals of superior service and workmanship at all times.

We offer an exceptional after-sale service and repair service, and believe this gives us the edge we need in the industry.

Our number one priority is customer satisfaction and ensuring our client’s fleet is also in best working condition.

While our digital signage in Durban is both versatile and cost-effective, catering to each and every client’s need.

Cargo Tarp & Net products and services

At Cargo Tarp & Net Manufacturers we deal with the following primary products and offer these services throughout KwaZulu-Natal:

Tautliner curtains
• Tarpaulins
• Tautliner digital signage throughout Durban
• Tautliner and tarpaulin repairs
• Cargo nets
• Marquees and other tents

Tautliner Curtains

A tautliner curtain, also known as a curtainside, is basically a tall, standing structure which is mounted to a flatbed truck, covered by a tarping or curtaining system.

Typically, a tautliner curtainside offers access to the flatbed trailer via the rear and sides of the structure, where the curtains are rolled up and goods loaded onto the truck.

Once goods have been loaded onto the truck, the curtains are rolled down and secured. This is where digital signage in Durban comes in with our printed truck curtains.

Advantages of tautliner curtains

The flexible design of tautliner curtainsides and the rear door design of the flatbed truck ensure the entire width and length of the truck can support loads equally well.

This therefore maximizes your loading and transporting capacity.

The curtainsides and rear door also ensure the best security possible and robust weather protection.

As the curtainsides can be quickly and easily rolled up, this allows for fast and efficient loading and unloading of goods –saving you time and money.

Our digital signage in Durban and printed tautliner curtains make for the best mobile marketing campaign for your business – promoting your business one kilometre at a time!


Tarpaulins are a highly versatile product – they can be used in a myriad of ways.

They have a highly extended lifespan when manufactured from the best quality materials, such as those used at Cargo Tarp & Net.

Through many successful years in the industry, we have come to establish our reputation as leaders in the manufacture of cargo tarpaulins and netting products.

We offer high quality digital signage printing in Durban on any size tarpaulin.

Along with tarpaulins, we also specialise in the manufacture of tipper covers, trailer covers, boat covers, marquee tents and more.

Our tarpaulins retail at some of the best prices on the market and will last you a lifetime.

Multiple functions of tarpaulin

Our tarpaulins can be used to provide cover and protection from the elements for cargo during transportation.

They also offer shelter for brickwork and masonry and protecting objects such as industrial tippers, cars, boats, trailers, furniture, roofing and more.

Tarpaulins can also be used as a ground sheet or drop sheet when painting large areas of a building.

Advantages of tarpaulin material

At Cargo Tarp & Net we place great importance on using only the highest quality tarpaulin fabric in all our manufacturing processes.

If a low-quality tarpaulin material is used, it is highly likely your tarpaulin will not stand up to the elements!

Tarpaulins go through it all in their life span, including high exposure to all kinds of elements such as harsh sunlight, belting rain, strong winds, hail and even snow.

If your tarpaulin in manufactured to the highest standards, such as ours at Cargo Tarp & Net, it will be well worth the investment!

Just some of the benefits of high quality tarpaulin material include:

• Highly water resistant
• They have tremendous strength and do not rip or tear easily
• Tarpaulin has thermal properties and can keep in warmth and cold as and when needed
• Tarpaulins are UV resistant, keeping harmful sunlight away from the goods covered beneath

Digital signage in Durban & fleet branding

At Cargo Tarp and Net Manufacturers, we specialise in tarpaulin printing in the form of digital signage printing.

Each product is printed to the exacting specifications and standards each client demands.

In addition, our digital signage services in Durban are highly in-demand – we are able to print almost anything each client requires in the shortest turn-around time possible.

Brand your fleet and stand out from the rest with our digital signage printing and promote your business in a truly unique and impactful way!

Promote your business with Cargo Tarp & Net

If you’re in search of professional, time-efficient and trustworthy digital signage services in Durban, then look no further than Cargo Tarp & Net Manufacturers.

Get your business name out on the road, and get in touch with our team at Cargo Tarp and Net for a quote!

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